What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used as a replacement for tooth roots. Implants become the base for fake permanent or removable custom-made teeth.

They are used when there is a missing tooth and some people even get full mouth dental implants. Unfortunately, missing teeth is not as rear as someone might think. People can have a missing tooth due to an accident, very strong medication, periodontal disease, poor nutrition, or psychophysical factors.

dental implants in limassol cyprus

Dental Implants in Limassol, Cyprus

Step by step dental implants procedure.

The procedure

A dental implant treatment is actually surgery. There are different steps to it and it requires more than one visit at our dental clinic, since healing time is required between each step.

First, your dentist needs to examine whether you are an eligible candidate for dental implants. Most of the times, anyone who is in good health and has healthy gums and enough jawbone to hold the implant can have a dental implant treatment. Then, one of our Limassol dentists will discuss your options and explain the whole procedure. We will take x-rays or 3D pictures of your mouth and create models of your teeth and jawbone.

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The next step involves the removal of any damaged teeth. If your jawbone is not suitable for dental implant surgery, our dentist will have to graft it so that it can hold the implant. Otherwise, the whole treatment can fail. A bone graft can be made using material from someone’s own body or a synthetic material. If a bone graft is required, healing time of some months may be needed for the bone to regenerate. Some people only need minor jawbone grafting. In such cases, the grafting and the implant placement happen on the same day.

Your next visit is for the dental implant placement. Our experienced dentist will cut your gums open so that your jawbone is exposed. Then they will drill holes deep in the bone where the dental implant metal post will be placed. Of course, healing time of several months will again be required so that the bone can heal around the metal post.

tooth removal for dental implants

During this step the dentist will open your gum again so that they can place the abutment, which will later hold the dental crown, on the dental implant metal post. Once the abutment is added, our dentist will close your gum around it and leave it to heal for a couple of weeks.

When your gums are healed, we will make new impressions of your teeth and jaw to send to the dental laboratory where your new artificial teeth will be created.

You can choose between a fixed tooth or a partial or full removable denture. Unlike a removable denture, a fixed tooth is screwed or cemented on the abutment and therefore cannot be taken off for cleaning.

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Post treatment care

The whole procedure can seem horrifying, but with the appropriate aftercare at home your gums and bone will heal easily and it will all be worth it. Dental implants in Limassol are sewed with self-dissolving stitches but you should visit us once your gums are healed.

We suggest a soft-food diet between each step. Your dental implants will not require any special care, just normal oral hygiene and of course, regular dental checkups. You should avoid smoking and food or beverages that are likely to leave a stain on your crowns.

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I lost almost all of my teeth due to a very strong medication I used to get. I got depressed and would not leave my house because I was very embarrassed. I got full mouth dental implants in Limassol, and I am super grateful to everyone at the clinic. My dentist explained that the procedure would take months and made sure I understood every step. Even though it was a difficult period between each step, it is now over, and the result was so worth it.


I got a dental implant in Limassol for my hypodontia. I had a baby tooth with no adult tooth replacement and when it was time to extract it, I was left with a hole. My dental implant surgery was smooth and easy. Even though I had to visit the Limassol dentist a few times, the procedure did not bother me at all.


Getting my dental implants in Limassol was the best decision for me. Limassol dentists are very experienced and skilled. Although the whole procedure is a bit frightening, they made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole treatment. Also, the custom-made crowns on my implants look so natural. I cannot thank the team enough.