Foods That are Good for Your Teeth

foods good for your teeth

Here is a list of different kinds of foods good for your teeth and your dental health. The following foods are a great option for people to consume since they can be very beneficial and helpful to keeping healthy and clean teeth.

Dairy products

Dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt are extremely helpful to people’s dental health. Firstly, cheese is very low on sugar and very high on calcium. Calcium is very useful to maintain the bone density of the teeth and for fortifying tooth enamel. Calcium also helps balance the PH levels of the mouth and chewing cheese is a great way to increase saliva production which helps wash bacteria away. Milk along with cheese also has very high levels of calcium and lowers acid levels which can be beneficial and can decrease the chance of tooth decay. Yoghurt on the other hand also contains probiotics that can protect against cavities, different kinds of gum diseases and bad breath.

Apples and pears

Hard fibrous fruits like apples and pears are extremely beneficial to our dental health. It is known how fruits can be very beneficial and healthy to consume for our body in general but also for our dental health. Fresh fruits like apples and pears with this kind of specific texture can clean your teeth and increase saliva that as mentioned before can decrease the acid in the mouth.

Vitamin C berries

Vitamin C is extremely beneficial to our teeth since collagen in the dentin of teeth depends on it for the strength and structure of the teeth. Strawberries along with other types of berries carry high levels of vitamin C but also antioxidants and malic acid that can naturally whiten your teeth. Learn more about the teeth whitening treatments we have available at Our Dental Clinic Services.

Fatty fish

Fish like sardines, tuna and salmon are extremely beneficial to our teeth because they have very high levels of calcium and vitamin D. The omega-3 in salmon is also linked to healthy teeth and lower risks of gum diseases.

Eggs and red peppers

Foods with a high level of vitamin A like eggs and red peppers can be very beneficial for the overall health of our teeth. It is claimed that vitamin A can impair epithelial tissue development, tooth formation, and enamel hypoplasia. Also, papers contain high levels of vitamin C just like other hard-textured fruits and vegetables and can be helpful to clean the teeth.


Although water is not food, it is extremely important to our bodies and our overall health. But staying hydrated supports the good function of your salivary glands. The waters PH also helps for a better and healthier oral environment. When dehydrated there is a higher chance of cavities, gum disease, and mouth sores.

Including more of the above food in your diet can improve your overall health but also can be very beneficial to your teeth. It’s important to maintain the best possible health for our mouth and teeth so we can keep strong and healthy teeth. Following a good diet full of vitamins can help you and your teeth feel and look great as ever.