Laser Dentistry in Limassol

laser dentistry in limassol

Laser dentistry has offered so many positives in today’s dentistry and approaches more comfortable and precise methods for locals and foreigners. Cyprus also suggests several treatments and advanced dentistry options rather than the more traditional ones. Here you can learn more information about laser dentistry in Limassol.

Laser dentistry is often used to remove or reduce tissue from the mouth with a focused beam of light. This advanced method has many advantages such as less bleeding, reduced pain and faster healing compared to more traditional methods. Moreover, laser dentistry is way more accurate and ideal for more complex and risky dental procedures.

In Cyprus, laser dentistry is most often used to treat gum disease. Laser treatments are also less invasive rather than traditional surgery. The laser beam also can effectively remove the infected tissue and eliminate the bacteria beneath the gum line, without damaging the healthy tissue. It promotes in this way the successful growth of healthy gum tissues.

Laser dentistry is also commonly used for teeth whitening treatments. The light is used to activate the whitening gel on the teeth, and it can whiten the teeth several shades with just one visit to the dentist.

Cavities can also be treated with laser dentistry. The laser removes decayed portions of the tooth that through traditional methods, is treated through drilling and can be a harrowing and uncomfortable experience for the patient. The laser also can sterilize the cavity and reduce the risk of future infection.

Many dental procedures and treatments have transformed and improved because of laser dentistry and many clinic and Dentists in Limassol invest and use this advanced technology to offer patients more effective results and a more comfortable experience. Get in contact with us and book your own appointment.