Laser Dentistry in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol dentists have mastered laser dentistry.

As experienced dentists, we acknowledge the fear a lot of people have for our profession. We want our patients to feel comfortable on our dental chair and not miss out on their dental health because of the fear of drills and other dental tools. With that in mind, we offer a list of laser dentistry treatments which several patients find more tolerating.

Laser dentistry is gradually becoming more and more common due to its number of benefits. The laser uses extremely focused light beams which can change or remove specific types of tissue in our mouth.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

  • Almost pain-free.
  • Minimal blood loss.
  • Faster healing time.
  • More affordable treatments.
  • No drill and metal tools sounds.
  • Less post-treatment pain and swelling.
  • So precise that treats the tissue to be removed without affecting the surrounding tissue.
laser dentistry

Laser Dentistry Services in Limassol, Cyprus

Our laser dentistry services are divided into hard and soft tissue treatments.

Hard tissue laser treatments

Tooth hypersensitivity

We offer desensitization laser treatment to treat tooth hypersensitivity which can cause discomfort and severe pain. The procedure is simple and pain-free and requires no anesthetic. The laser beams target the desired area to numb it or create a seal on it.

tooth hypersensitivity

Tooth decay

When preparing the tooth for a filling or another dental treatment, a Limassol dentist can use laser instead of a drill to treat tooth decay. This reduces the use of the dental drill which can be frightening to some people.

tooth decay

Root canal

Laser for dentistry can be used in Cyprus in a root canal treatment to reduce pain and discomfort.

We use laser to remove the infection and clean the root canal. As the laser is very precise, we make sure that the infection is gone and there is less chance of it reappearing. Once the canal is clean, we sometimes use laser to reshape the dentinal walls of the canal.

root canal

Soft tissue laser treatments

Tongue-tie and lip-tie treatment

A tongue-tie is when the soft tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is shorter that usual giving restricted tongue movement. A lip-tie is when the skin on the inside of the upper lip is connected to the gums in such a way that causes lip movement restriction.

Both ties are usually treated from a very young age but sometimes people don’t get them cut until later in life. We use laser on adults to cut through the soft tissues and allow tongue or upper lip movement easily and quick. The treatment is totally pain and blood free.

lip and tongue treatments

Gum reshaping

We can make you smile with confidence again with our laser gum reshaping treatment. A lot of people who suffer from a gummy smile or uneven gums feel self-conscious when smiling or laughing. You can now have a laser gum reshaping treatment at our clinic which is much less painful than common dental scalpel gum reshaping and has a quick recovery time.

gum reshaping

Gum disease and inflammation

Treating gum disease and inflammation is extremely important as it can cause severe pain and damage to the whole mouth. Limassol dentists can treat your gum disease with laser and make sure your gums, teeth and jawbone are healthy.

gum disease

Laser Dentistry FAQ

Is dental laser painful?

Dental laser is used for several dental procedures and is nearly pain-free. Depending on the treatment, a local anesthetic may be used so that the procedure is more comfortable.

Is laser dentistry common in Limassol, Cyprus?

A lot of Limassol dental clinics are advanced and up-to-date with technological developments in dentistry. Laser is commonly used in Limassol dental clinics with excellent results and a lot of happy patients.

Can dental laser be used as part of another treatment?

Yes, other than laser dentistry treatments, dental laser can also be used to kill bacteria and prepare teeth for a root canal or a dental filling treatment. In general, dental laser can be used whenever necessary and not just in laser dentistry.

How long do gums take to heal after a laser gum disease treatment? Is there a post treatment care to be followed?

The healing can take 2 to 4 weeks depending on how serious the problem initially was. Since the gums will be very sensitive, a soft food diet is recommended for the first few days.

Why do some people prefer laser treatments to common dental treatments?

If there is the choice to choose between a laser treatment and a drill treatment for the same problem, most people would choose the first one. This is because many people in Cyprus suffer from dentophobia or are just afraid or sick of the sound of the drill. Moreover, laser treatments are usually faster and have less downtime than typical treatments.


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I had a gummy smile laser treatment and I cannot express how happy I am. I used to get bullied at school due to my gummy smile and I always felt very self-conscious about it. Thanks to Limassol dentists I can now smile in pictures and stop hiding my mouth when I laugh.


I had a tongue-tie since I was a baby but unfortunately no doctor found it and I lived all my life with tongue movement restriction. This gave me speech problems and a lot of times pain as well. I finally got my tongue-tie cut with laser and I am so relieved. Limassol dentists are just great. The laser treatment was fast and totally pain-free. I couldn’t recommend them more.


I visited Limassol dentists to treat my tooth hypersensitivity. I was in shock when I realised that the treatment kicked in right away. Living with tooth hypersensitivity can be exhausting, so I am really pleased I found a treatment that actually works. Plus, the dentist made me feel very comfortable and relax during the laser treatment.