Unhealthy Habits For Your Teeth That Cause Damage

unhealthy habits for your teeth

Here is a list of some unhealthy habits for your teeth that many people tend to do and can cause serious damage to their dental health. Learn about the habits that you should probably avoid for your own good and for healthier teeth.

Using toothpicks

Using non-dental implements to clean your teeth can be very damaging to your teeth and gums. Pocking your mouth with toothpicks can leave splinters on your gums, tongue, and throat that not only can be difficult to remove but also can result in an infection.

Nail biting

Nail biting can be a very damaging habit for both your nails and your teeth. This habit can be very difficult for people to stop but it can be very bad for their health since it can cause chipped teeth and jaw dysfunction. Moreover, the fingers and the nails carry so many bacteria and your mouth is a sensitive area to place your hands close to it.

Brushing teeth aggressively

Many people seem that they have a habit of aggressively brushing their teeth, thinking that will do better work cleaning them. But teeth brushing is not about intensity. Brushing too hard can create gum irritation over time and it can be damaging to your teeth. Instead, make sure to brush regularly, typically recommended two times a day and make sure you massage them instead of scrubbing them.

Smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is known to be a very dangerous and bad habit for so many different reasons. But your mouth and teeth are the first ones to get in contact with the smoke. Not only the bad breath but also smoking can stain your teeth making them yellow but also it can cause them to fall out because of gum diseases that can occur with time. Also, cancer can be a result of smoking in places like the mouth, lips, and tongue along with all the other areas of the body that are affected by smoking.

Chewing on ice

Chewing ice seems to be a very innocent habit to worry about when it comes to your health and your teeth. But chewing and biting hard on ice cubes can crack your teeth. Also, ice cubes can irritate the teeth causing toothaches. Sugar-free chewing gums can be a better option for the habit of ice chewing.

Sugary foods and sodas

Sugar can be extremely damaging to your teeth, but gammy-textured sugary sweets are the ones that can be the most damaging. Because of their sticky texture, the sugar sticks on the teeth and can stay there for hours, causing cavities in your teeth. Also, sugary drinks like fizzy sodas also contain high levels of sugar that can cause decay. Even sugar-free fizzy drinks contain other types of sweeteners that can be as damaging to the teeth as regular sugar.

Skipping dentist appointments

Avoiding going to the dentist is another bad habit many people tend to have. Regular dental care is extremely important to oral health. Cancelling the scheduled appointments and avoiding issues you may have, makes more damage to your teeth. So check out Our Dental Clinic Services and get in contact to schedule your appointment. Make sure you keep your dentist appointments in order and attend your check-up for your own better and healthier smile.